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As part of the publicly funded social insurance, you only have to pay a moderate set fee when visiting a doctor or physiotherapist within the national health scheme. Dental care is free for children up to a certain age. After that you have to pay part or the entire cost yourself. The rules for parental leave in Sweden and the financial benefits paid during parental leave are very generous in comparison with most countries. Unemployment insurance is publicly funded to a great extent.

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There is a basic unemployment insurance providing low level benefit to those who meet the criteria. In order to receive an income-based benefit if you become unemployed, you need to join a voluntary unemployment insurance fund. Which fund you choose often depends on your profession, although there is one fund where membership is open to all professions and another which is open to anyone in a graduate profession.

In order to receive benefits you must meet certain criteria. The norm in Sweden is that both parents work. Therefore, publicly subsidised affordable childcare is very important to Swedes. Most childcare centres are run by the municipality, but there are also private day care centres and parent co-operatives, though most of these also receive government subsidies. In Sweden, all children are required to start school in August of the year that they turn seven years first grade. However, the majority of children choose to start school a year earlier and go a voluntary kindergarten programme.

School attendance is compulsory up to the end of the ninth grade. There are several international schools in Sweden which teach in English. In Sweden, you can either buy or rent a house or an apartment. Buying can be in the form of ordinary ownership, typical for houses or by becoming a member of a housing cooperative, which is standard for apartments and common with semi-detached houses.

In the rental market, you will find both private and municipal landlords. Rental apartments are more common than houses though those can also be found. Most rentals are unfurnished. Whether you buy or rent accommodation, you will find a cooker, fridge and freezer in place.

Heating and hot water are generally included in he rent, other services such as electricity, broadband etcetera may or may not be included. You can start your job search here, on Sweden's largest and most visited employment website. In addition to job ads in Platsbanken , we also offer useful advice and tools to help you find work. In Sweden, job applications usually consist of a CV and a covering letter.

Graduate schemes in Sweden - Graduateland

The covering letter should not be longer than one page while the CV can be somewhat longer, depending on how much education and experience you have. Both of these should be in Swedish unless otherwise specified.

In general, you do not need to send your diplomas or other documents with your application. If an employer wants to see them, he or she will ask you to bring them to an interview. Many job ads in Sweden include telephone numbers you can call if you have any questions about the position. Visiting a workplace in person to apply for a job is not as common in Sweden as in many other countries.

However, it can be a good method within service professions such as retail, hotel and restaurants. It is common for jobseekers within all professions to send their CV and covering letter to companies they are interested in working for, even if they do not currently have any vacancies advertised.

This kind of spontaneous application should also be written in Swedish. A regulated profession is one that requires some kind of license or registration in order to work in that field. If a profession is not regulated, you are allowed to work within it without formal recognition from any authority.

Some of the regulated professions in Sweden are physicians, dentists, electricians, veterinarians, lawyers, psychologists and security guards. Even if your profession is not regulated, you may want to have your foreign university studies formally recognized by the Swedish higher education authorities in order to simplify your job search or to continue your studies in Sweden particularly if your studies were at a University outside of the EU.

This method is frequently used in Sweden. Even if there is nothing immediately, it may lead to something in the future.

Network, both in person and online, and not only with other internationals, but with Swedes as well. Market your skills and let people know you are looking for work.

Visas & Work Permits in Sweden

Head along to job fairs and social meetups, join a club or group and chat with your neighbours or classmates. As an international student in Sweden you have the right to work as much as you like during your studies. However, it is often difficult to find a part-time job without speaking Swedish. Once you have finished your studies, you can also extend your stay and launch your career here. Here are 10 tips for finding work in Sweden. The reports include up-to-date information about the local labour market.

The Guide to Visa Types and Work Permit Requirements

Work in Sweden has comprehensive information about working in Sweden. Behind the site is the government agency the Swedish Institute. Omstart is a helpful information portal for newly arrived professionals in Sweden. It contains, among other things, information about the labour market and salaries for various professions as well as how to apply for jobs in Sweden. Information om Sverige has information about things such as how to look for work, employment contracts and employer tips. Depending on your profession and academic background, you may need to have your qualifications recognised in order to wo If you have an idea or have noticed a gap Here we have gathered top insider tips from local experts and internationals to help you when working in Sweden