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In order to meet its ambition of sustainable business operations, Unilever has taken environmental and social initiatives in the entire product Unilever gains sales edge through product innovation. Espresso-flavoured Magnum ice-cream and a new range of dry spray deodorants in the US, helped propel quarterly sales at Unilever to their highest rate of Prezes Unilevera zdziwiony Polakami.

Bo gotujemy zupy. Unilever [online]. Polish words that begin with u. Polish words that begin with un. Polish words that begin with uni. Load a random word. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Project will focus on various aspects of business strategies by these two companies. By tapping the factor advantages in specific countries and exploiting competitive advantage, company may achieve to lower cost of production.

But it is not necessary to have FDI in every case, the Host Country may have options like joint ventures, technology licensing, and outsourcing, etc. Countries like India got benefitted by the outsourcing of IT sector jobs. So a company is able to lower the production cost and at the same time new employment is created in other country Grover A.

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At same time improvement and revision of existing products is also necessary. To become a global leader or to remain at top position, trends in marketing practices are important to be discovered. Supplier partnering, Customer partnering, Benchmarking are the example of such trends. Also various Mergers and Acquisitions help company to jump into leadership role. HP and Compaq merger was done for the long run goals of company. But this is not just only aspect when companies thinking about going global, there is social factor as well.

No one likes to get affected by foreigner in their home country. While doing business it is very necessary to think about what as an organisation they can provide something to the society.

UNILEVER - Definition and synonyms of unilever in the Polish dictionary

CSR activities are very famous practices by these MNCs to create a good image in the foreign country. In this case creating a very good brand image is become necessary perhaps more important than marketing a product Bhagwati, These are items which are used daily, and so have a quick rate of consumption, and a high return. FMCG can broadly be categorized into three segments which are: 1. Household items as soaps, detergents, household accessories, etc, 2. Personal care items as shampoos, toothpaste, shaving products, etc 3.

Food and Beverages as snacks, processed foods, tea, coffee, edible oils, soft drinks etc. The FMCG industry changes fast and is constantly evolving. It's fair to say there is never a dull moment in FMCG. From the pace at which goods leave the shelves to the rate of product innovation and career progression, things move quickly. And it doesn't end there. The brands themselves are changing just as quickly. FMCG companies can beat the recession. This is an industry that has proved itself very resilient to recession — with the majority of companies in the sector weathering the financial storm in a way that very few others have managed.

Well, consumers will always need to buy the products created by FMCG companies. They may not buy big items like refrigerators or cars in a recession, but floors still need to be cleaned, clothes need to be laundered and aches and pains still need to be soothed Purohit, This sector is expected to grow to a USD 33 billion industry by and to a whooping USD billion by the year This sector is characterized by strong MNC presence and a well-established distribution network.

In India the easy availability of raw materials as well as cheap labour makes it an ideal destination for this sector. There is also intense competition between the organised and unorganised segments and the fight to keep operational costs low. Unilever N. Both the companies present their consolidated accounts and compositely form single economic entity. After introduction of Euro, it is adopted as a base currency by the company. Before that they used Pounds Sterling as their base currency for making consolidated accounts Unilever-Annual Report, Unilever operates in FMCG fast moving consumer goods sector.

They have diverse range of brands which are operating internationally and some in limited regional focus only. Annual Report ,pg 30 5. As the open innovation is necessary, there has been a revision of this traditional view at Unilever. The company is not remained just a British anymore, its truly global company. So the old British presence is removed by company and started getting maximum ethnicity employees. In old model Unilever had not made the categories in which they want go aggressively, in new model they made it very clear.

Unilever made a new business model which clearly indicates that they are focusing on their disciplined execution of clearly defined growth strategy with the help of aligned organisation. Clear growth strategies Aligned orginisation Disciplined execution Figure 1: A new business model of Unilever Source:Unilever growth strategy i Organisation reforms According to the annual reports, Unilever is working with dual management structure which is constantly under reformation since Unilever claims that it is one of the most culturally diverse companies.

Deodorants, Skin, Hair b. Ice cream, Tea c. Vitality within food d. They are making most of their profit from Personal care and Food. So Unilever wants to utilise its dominance in foods sector over the rival and at the same time give higher priority to personal care to overtake market of the rival. But Unilever is sticking to more adaptation in order to provide every market a different product according to the local needs. Production processes of Sunsilk shampoo are same in every country but raw material they use in countries like Brazil is bit different to adopt with local conditions and also cheaper than one in developed regions like UK.

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While entering into new market, Unilever has implemented regional adaptation policy. Brands and innovation In the sector of FMCG, to remain on top, a company must beat its competitors in sales. But their needs are very complex. Unilever considers its product as hero and brand it to make a better portfolio than the rivals. They find out the difference- why customer is buying other product, and make changes accordingly in their product.

This has allowed them to make 11 In company started with new range of products for Men which making very good profits. Unilever decided to go for outsourcing of its production processes. They outsourced administrations, monitoring and manufacturing to low wage countries. But they made it very clear that research and development is their top priority. Even though company is working with partner companies from more than one decade, they still follow strict monitoring of quality of product to ensure their standards.

Their strategies are different in different countries.

They are continuing with the acquisitions of local companies. Global brand name, unique product with local channels who can distribute product more efficiently- is perfect mix to sell products in FMCG sector. In India it is very difficult to reach to all people because of larger population.

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Also these shops are getting 12 The chart below shows that the percentage of total profit comes almost equal from every region. This is the result of their strategy of market place and presence. Unilever has equal share from different region because of its decision of acquiring regional brands. This has allowed them to have bigger market than rivals in Asia and Middle-east. Unilever is following the method of standardisation in its production process.

Marketing Strategies Of Unilever And Its Sub Brands

Though the production processes are standardised by the company, the company did not standardise their products. This have allowed them to buy and manufacture products at global level and cut down their staff cost. This allows them to get more turnovers per employee. This can be clearly seen by the graph below. This strategy allowed them to lower down the manufacturing cost. Also it became simpler to control it centrally.

This helped them to increase customers as they can operate with both international as well as regional brands. This is because the company is studying the consumer behaviour closely and realised that some regions are likely to buy products with local names only. With this, the company is emphasising on making revenue from multi-local regions by having economy of scale globally.

Since the last decade the company has successfully reduced the amount of payables and receivables, which is nothing but the reduction in the amount of transaction exposure. Some techniques are used by the 14 For raw material and commodities, the company purchases forward contracts while they have future contracts to hedge against future price moments. About long term debts, the company has fixed interest rates, also have straightforward derivative financial instruments like interest rate swaps Wallace, William, n.

To cope up with large regional demand in Africa and Asia they are now more into low cost production with cheaper raw materials. For international market, to make sure that Unilever grow with more profitability and sustain in competition in long run, they adopted a proactive approach Wallace, William, n. Cheaper products like low range of Sunsilk has been introduced in Brazil. Its products include pet foods, cleaning agents and personal care products. Prior to the sale of Pringles to Kellogg Company, its product line included foods and beverages.

Most of these brands—including Bounty, Crest and Tide—are global products available on several continents. Sales to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Research and product development activities, designed to enable sustained organic growth, continued to carry a high priority during the past fiscal year. While many of the benefits from these efforts will not be realized until future years, they believe these activities demonstrate their commitment to future growth.

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